Myrna Bygg Trading Company was founded by Construction Engineer Mustafa Comert in year 2015 and the company has been facilitating highly significant projects since then.
Myrna Bygg Trading Company has been transformed to Myrna Bygg Limited Company in year 2019 by employing professionals to its organization.
With its innovative solutions, Myrna Bygg Limited Company has strong focus on customer satisfaction and over the years the company has facilitated functional and smart construction business solutions for significant number projects including houses, villas, restaurants and enterprises.
The company offers quality and comfort to its customers by paying attention to the most modern and highest quality, practical solutions within the shortest period of time.
The dynamism of the organisation is combined with the values acquired from the founder of the company, Mr. Comert and since then the company has been expanding its vision each year by producing smart engineering solutions to its customers.


Having many years of experience in the construction industry, the company has acquired experts working in accordance to Swedish standards and insurances including construction process and afterwards.

  • Engineering Solutions
  • Smart and Modern Designs
  • Expert Staff
  • Experience
  • Visualisation of finalized project
  • Economy
Execution within the shortest period of time and best quality


Analysis & Planning
We know that our target consumer is paying attention to design process and our priority is to get to know the individuals or company’s expectations and requirements. During the phase of Design Planning, we define the goals and strategies together and in order to kick-off the project, all types data is collected. Over the course of the design process, we will be communicating with our customers on a continuous basis and arranging visits to their place and finally documentation of your requirements takes place. Our company pays serious attention to meet your requirements in terms of concept, colour, visual, text etc. and work in detail. You get assistance and detailed information on anticipated delivery times and the type of construction material that will be used with respect to quality – price performance. At the end of this process, we will take over the project to initiate the design phase.

Design Process
Getting to know our consumers and their product requirements better, we go through all feasible solutions and alternatives to be able to offer our consumers the most convenient solution through preparation of documentation. Right after the presentation of the very first design to our customer, revisions are made on the initial design accordingly.

Approval & Delivery Process
After completion of revision operations, the finalised design is presented to our customers for approval purposes. You will be informed about the risks and advantages after presentation of make project. Once the project is approved by our customers, we initiate the construction work and once the construction work is complete, all you need is to enjoy the comfort of your new place!