Defect Occurance due to water and fire:

  • Waterwork (Sanitary Heator installation ) Repairance
  • Electricity Installation Repairance
  • Window Replacement Services
  • Coating Surface Coating Wall Reparation
  • Ceramics, glazed tile replacement and reparation
  • Steel, wood, and PVC Door, Window and Woodworking Reparation
  • Painting, surface coating, aluminium alteration and reparation
  • Sheetrock and carton-pierre reparation
  • Floor reparation
  • Covering of ceiling /Ceiling floor repairance
  • Other types of repairance work


Modernization Services:
Application for old fashion and inappropriate spaces, completely or partially

Rough Construction Works:
Before the project kick-off, with respect to the outcome of feasibility and preliminaty survey, soil improvement and ground reinforcement and project and applications of support structures, soil engineering, ferro concrete and steel elements are utilized to build the supporting structures, including buildup and reinforcement project and design of support structures in compliance with customer project.

Fine Construction Works:
Repairance and renovatin of Floor, wall, covering, facing work. Walling, Interior and exterior wall coating, surface repairance, repairance of concrete and ferro-concrete surfaces, interior and exterior surface coating work, interior and exterior reinforced plaster and leveling concrete, floor and wall coating, interior and exterior wall decoration and industrial surface coating.

Outdoor Applications:
Garden, Terrace, Stair Designs, Applications (Supported by 3D Renders)


After the planning phase of a new building (home-office-workplace), all the contracting and engineering services from the rough construction to the finest and detail works are given as turn-key.


Providing architectural, static and mechanical pavement services in accordance with the requirement plan and 3D rendering.